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The FUGITIVE brand, which belongs to the France Mode Group, was created in 2001 and quickly made a name for itself among Fugitive by FRANCESCA ROSSI distributors, offering the true comfort of French footwear and high quality materials.

12 rue de l'Industrie

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Fugitive – It's a state of mind!

Undeniably creative collections at reasonable prices. Pleasure has nothing to do with price! Discover our collection and the sales outlets near you... more than 600 sales outlets in France !

We have been developing unique collections for the market for over 10 years, combining casual, sporty styles, low-heeled models for the younger woman and feminine designs inspired by Louis XV. All this in just one collection each season to meet the expectations of a diverse target market.

Our collection has been created with each generation of the household in mind. Each woman can and will find a huge choice of models and designs.

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